Saving and benefits on lighting

extension of the lamp life

Advantages on lighting thanks to R.E.S.

When it comes to lamps, there is more space to discuss energy savings.

With the use, for example, of NEON TUBES, you get a saving, but it is a well-known fact that when the applied voltage is reduced by 10%, AFTER all the lights in a room are switched on, the lighting decreases 5%, even if it is not perceived in the eyes of the people.
With the R.E.S equipment, applied to a fluorescent lamp, its illumination may appear lower in the first 500 hours of life, after which the luminous flux remains stable over time in SAVE mode.
With significant increase in the life of the neon tube.

When it comes to metal halide lamps, sodium or mercury vapor, fed with a voltage directly from the transformers often higher than the standard value, they inevitably affect the lifespan of the lamps, increasing the waste of power and maintenance costs.
R.E.S., on the other hand, not only improves the efficiency of the various connected electrical devices / devices, but considerably increases their service life.

In conclusion, the installation of the R.E.S. in addition to significantly favoring the saving of electricity, it is a valid and cheaper ALTERNATIVE to LED systems.


Aumento durata lampade

Stable illumination + Extended life Span
(500 hours - 3000 hours)