Power quality and waste

save electricity

R.E.S. is a new concept of "energy saving device" with greater economic feasibility and reliability.

It is designed to achieve two objectives at the same time:

  • to save electricity, while remaining within the range of supply voltage set by the electricity supplier
  • and to improve the quality of the power supply itself.

When it comes to the operation of load devices in small and medium-sized enterprises there are difficulties in managing the powers involved; the applied voltage is too high or too low or the distribution of the load is improper, this causes unbalance between phase current / voltage and can cause damage in the load of the devices with consequent increase in current flows.

For example, the motors show their maximum efficiency when their load factor is 90% under voltage and rated current. However, in most cases, the load factor is less than 70%. This causes waste of electricity. Worse, if there is a serious imbalance in the phases, the energy waste increases, with consequent anomalous functioning of the motors and of the computerized equipment.

Result: Increasingly high electric bills and unforeseen maintenance costs.