Why Not?

Palma Campania 13/10/2017

Certification of the result of the test carried out on our plant in Via Roma 1, 80036 Palma Campania (NA)
made in the period June-September 2017
using R.E.S machinery (Revolutionary Energy Saver)
distributed for the European Union by the company Azmir Srl based in Rovato (BS)

It is attested that

a saving in estimated energy consumption was obtained in a percentage of 14% on habitual consumption.

This attestation refers to the test carried out by us and in the standard conditions of use of our system.

Yours faithfully
Michele Nunziata

Why Not?

Via Roma, 1 - 80036 Palma Campania (NA) Italy
Partita iva 07591441212 Rea VI 895511
E-mail: nunziata.michele@pec.it